Guidance Navigation & Control

Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) services that HTB-ES provides:

  • Advanced Sensor Algorithms
  • Aviation Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electronic Design, Analysis, Product Development, And Fabrication
  • Electronic Warfare
  • EO/IR Systems Research, Development, Test, And Evaluation
  • Instrumentation And Telemetry
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, And Reconnaissance
  • Logistics
  • Modeling And Simulation
  • Network Systems
  • Program Support
  • RF Systems Research, Development, Test, And Evaluation (RDT&E)
  • Scientific And Technical Intelligence
  • Signatures
  • Software Applications
  • Survivability And Lethality Assessment
  • Systems Engineering
  • Weapon System Research, Development, Test, And Evaluation
  • GPS systems including algorithms, RF front end design, navigation solutions, sensor integration, data fusion
  • Optimal guidance algorithms
  • Control systems for rigid and non-rigid systems
  • Hardware implementations

List of tools that HTB-ES uses for Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC):

  4. STK
  5. Freefly


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