Satellite Consulting Services

Hi-Tech Bangla offers a wide variety of services for Aerospace Industry. We can design a program specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

The services HTB offers for owner/operators of a communications satellite include but not limited to:

Services for the Owner / Operator

  • Conceptual design: HTB can assist with basic satellite definition and antenna pattern coverage.
  • Assistance with proposal preparation: Our professionals from the industry are experienced in writing RFP for the customer and suggest or review technical specifications.
  • Proposal evaluation: As a consulting company, HTB can do complete proposal evaluation. Our proven methodology to evaluate the technical and programmatic merits of the proposals and provides the client not only recommendations on which company to use, but also suggested follow up questions and possible negotiating points.
  • Assistance with contract negotiations: We assist our client in negotiating the (technical) aspects of a contract.
  • Spacecraft contract monitoring: During the design, fabrication, and testing of a satellite, HTB can ensures that the technical issues are properly addressed. Close integration with on-site customer representatives ensures a unified presence in front of the prime contractor.
  • Launch vehicle interface assistance: HTB professionals have experience with the major launch service providers including Atlas, Delta, Ariane, Sea Launch, Long March, Proton and the Space Shuttle. We can assist our customers with launch vehicle interface activities, including technical interface meeting during satellite development, satellite integration at the launch site, and launch day monitoring and support.
  • Launch site monitoring
  • Assistance at mission control center
  • In-orbit test monitoring

Services to Prime Contractors

  • Audits and Special reviews: Our world-class technical experts can provide a technical oversight review, allowing the prime contractor to identify risk areas that in many cases were being overlooked.
  • Consultants for peak activities: Our consultants are available on short notice to supplement staffing for a special project or an unusually heavy workload.


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