School Security and Emergency Response Simulator 

School Security and Emergency Response Simulator (SSERS) is a simulator that has been developed for Schools that help to visualize crisis situations through simulated environment for both indoor and outdoor. Using this, Schools will be able to simulate a threat situation, outcome of actions taken by command control central and also train their security staff in case of any threatening situation. The school authority will be able to learn how to prevent terrorist attack before it occurs, and how to evacuate victims and casualties safely.

Our customized virtual reality-based School Security and Emergency Response Simulator capable of adapting to multi scenarios that can be used for training purposes for the school authority and security officers assigned to protect our schools.

It will enhance their training skills and readiness in case of any sudden threats on school campuses. We can replicate the exact school design and landscape into the simulator to provide real-life visuals to the trainees. We can also provide constant technical support to improvise the visuals as per your need.


  • Visualization of unexpected and sudden security situations triggered by threat
  • Decision making process in prevention and readiness to thwart threat
  • Training the first responders
  • Solidifying readiness towards responding to threat situations
  • Building confidence of handling/management of sudden crisis

Our modeling includes all campuses of school. Each campus will be model with the followings.

  • Buildings
  • Pathways
  • Hallways
  • Fields
  • Landsxapes
  • Classroom & Libray
  • Restrooms
  • Offices
  • Administrative Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria

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